Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer update

Greetings all
It's been awhile since I've written. Just a few things have developed. My new neighbor has been evicted. it seem that he had a rather loud and rowdy party a few weeks back and some folks in the neighborhood took offense. They called up the landlord and complained. I don't know if the landlord had any other issues with him ( I know my feelings didn't help ) but he slammed the door on him. He has till the end of the month to relocate.
On a lighter note, We are busy again. we just finished removing two Simulators. one from Boeing and one from Pan. Am. Both went to the scrap yard to be replaced with new models. The first one went in at Boeing. A Sim. move from Spain to Miami. The next one arrives by ship from the Netherlands tomorrow morning. That installation should take about a month with us working about 2 1/2 weeks on it. By the time we finish that install we have another new one coming in from the U.K. to go into Airbus. When it rains it pours.
I'll include a couple of shots of the adventures.
Capt. Bob

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It looks like winter is loosening it's grip and summer is sneaking in. It has been beautiful here on the river. Worm during the day and cool in the evenings.
We had a boatfull over the weekend. It seemed to be birthday weekend. I got to see some old friends. It was a first visit to the boat for a few of the visitors. And kids. We had three rug rats running around as only kids can do. They were actually very nice kids, well manored but kids none the less. I had to slow them down a time or two but it was fun to have them around.
well I finally did it. I tore my new neighbor a new one. I had just enough to drink, well maybe a little more then that. But anyway the evening was winding down. My guests were leaving in small groups and it was just Gerry and myself left on board. And along comes dippy-do. He came on board, sat down and started up with his inane chatter. It only took about 5 minits before I lost it and tore into him. he was aghast. He couldn't understand why anyone could not like him. He denied ever coming on the boat when I wasn't there. When I countered with " I don't think my daughter would lie to me about a thing like that" he then said the only reason he did was he thought my boat was sinking.WHAT! This numb nut would not have the first clue as to what to do if his boat was sinking much less if mine was. Well anyway He didn't get keel hauled or thrown overboard but he was asked to leave and never to return. He did.
The boat show was this weekend. I showed great restraint in not going. I already have a boat.
Not much else for now. I think I just wanted to vent. And yes I do feel better
Until next time
Life is good
Capt. Bob.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas update

As promised
I just received the photos of the paint job so here they are.

Friday, December 31, 2010


Season's greetings to all
Wow It's been a hectic few days here on the dock. My daughter and grandson came down from the frozen north for the holidays and we all went down to Karen's house to enjoy Christmas dinner with her and the girls. We had a great time and spent the evening opening presents and OH,ing and AH,ing over all the gifts. Everyone then descended on the boat. And started painting. Last year Cath and Nolan primed the galley and stairwell. Over the ensuing year I got a few panels painted. I also found a wall mural that I thought would look good on the curved portion of the stairwell. This year they painted with a fury. The whole galley got painted, even the book shelf. Then Nolan put up the mural. WOW. Now it can truly be called the Sun Room. The mural is of a sunset with palm fronds over the ocean and beach. We had to cut out the beach to accommodate the space but the colors match everything in the room and just brings everything together.
It's new years eve, Abby stayed over the last couple of days to hang with gramp's and aunt Cath and lend a hand with the painting as well. Karen and Emily are on there way over to spend the night and shoot off fireworks.
My new neighbor should be moving in next week. He has had a small army of workers toiling away on his boat ( Koi's boat ). He had his family down from Gainsville for Christmas. They stayed on the boat overnight, We didn't see much of them as it was very cold, mid 30s but they did wave every now and then. As soon as I get pictures on the new paint job I will post them.
I must start getting the rib's ready for our new years eve party.
Till next time
Happy New Year.
Capt. Bob

Sunday, December 12, 2010


That time of the year is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? I know I'm not.
Just got back from my annual world wide cruise around middle America. Well maybe not world wide but definitely exhausting. Some how all my trips amount to 3000 miles, and this one was not an exception. I started out driving Irene up to Lake city to visit her daughter. Then on to Tenn. to inspect my property and check in on Tenn. Log Homes to get some plans for a log home I want to erect on the lake property. Then over to Jim & Susan for Thanksgiving. I spent about four days on the J/S farm and let the dog loose twice. We went around to a few lumber mills looking foe planking for the hatch covers on the Achievement. Found another source for log homes in the process. Then off to Va. After getting lost a couple of times I arrived at the home of Paul & sue Gregory. Parents of Tinkerbell and guardians of Sam the wonder dog. it was a very pleasant visit. Tinkerbell didn't stay long for she had to go to work. After my brief visit with the Gregory's I was off to my son's house. I spent two days catching up with the kid's and collecting all of my bric A brack I had left with them when I moved onto my sailboat. I then went over to the Weaver compound in the woods to visit with my buddy Ron and his brother. We chopped down a few trees and loaded some hickory in to the pickup for the trip home. I had a job pending for the tail end of the week so we had to bug out on Tue. morning for the trip home. Not a bad trip in all but long.
It looks like the good ship Malola ( Koi's boat ) has been sold. I encountered the new owner on my return from the frozen north. He informed me he had given Koi a deposit and payed the dock rent for Dec. Looks like I have a new neighbor.
It's been very quiet on the dock since my return. Bryan left to visit with his parents in South Carolina.
The Christmas parade of lights was last night. Boats and barges of all shapes and sizes had been going down river all afternoon to get in position for the event. later in the evening they all came back with there lights blazing. Looked nice.
Not much else to tell. I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Capt. Bob

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hola everybody
It's been a quiet week on the dock. The kid's are gone and Bryan has been pushing barges up and down the west coast. It's been raining the last couple of days. We had a wild group visit last week. Two couples from Chicago and one couple from Tampa. They are friends of a buddy of mine. I met one of the couples last year when my buddy came down to do a cruise. Last week they descended on us on there way down to Key West for fantasy fest. They showed up with food ,drink ,whiskey , and smoke and hung out until the wee hours of the morning enjoying the river scene. They were impressed. We also had our usual cast of river rats on hand as well.
We've had a few bites on the Koi miesters boat. nothing solid yet but it should move with little trouble.
It looks like we have another party on the horizon. It seems we have two birthdays coming up in the middle of the month. Bryan wants to do a low country boil. Ron wants to do a smoked fish dish and I was thinking about doing some tuna or sword fish steaks on the grill. It should be fun. The last three parties we had were heavily attended. 50 to 80 people each time. Were going to try to hold this one down to about 20 people. Lot's of luck on that I'm sure but we can try.
Not much else to report. I'll try to get pictures of the party.
Life is good.
Capt. Bob

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sad, Sad, Sad !

The troupe is gone.
They packed up and left today. It's a sad night on the dock tonight. No Sam to greet me when I come home. No friends to drink with and chew the fat. I am sad.
It was a tough day for every one. Packing being the priority. Every one had an assigned set of chores. Even Me. The day went normally for most of the morning.
It began to get dicey in the early afternoon. The car had to be packed ,The boat closed, Well you know. The whole time Sam was going from the deck to the car to the deck to the car.He finally picked up his favorite toy and put it in the car and said Let's Go!
And they left.
We miss you already and wish you "God speed"
Capt. Bob